Dear Achenseelauf participants,

The Laufteam Achensee was founded promote the sport of running and to help with the organisation of the annual Achenseelauf event. We need 350 helpers every year to organise this run and to ensure that all particpants stay safe on the course.

The Achenseelauf is unique thanks to its fabulous location and views. Almost all of the course leads along the lake itself. Runners can enjoy the majestic panorama en route. Its excellent international reputation today draws many top runners from around the world who complete the course in sensational times.

As mayor of the municipality of Eben and chairman of the Laufteam Achensee I would like to thank all the many helpers for their hard work over the last 19 years. I would also like to extend a special thank you to the organising team which ensures this event run smoothly every year.

Finally, I would like to invite all runners from both near and far to take part in the 20th International Achenseelauf. I promise, it will be an unforgettable experience!

On behalf of the municiaplity of Eben am Achensee and the Laufteam Achensee

Mayor and chairman
Josef Hausberger