Dear Achenseelauf participants,

A classic among running events, the Achensee Run is characterised by its unique panorama. Almost the entire route lies in the immediate vicinity of Lake Achensee, providing runners with gorgeous vistas of the surrounding mountainscape.
The Achensee Run enjoys a high reputation beyond the borders of our Achensee region. Numerous top athletes from all over the world have participated in the event in recent years, completing the course in sensational finishing times.

It all began with the so-called march around Lake Achensee. However, after more than 20 editions, the contest had gone out of fashion. During a jaunt of some marathon runners who were under the influence of several pints of Guinness (Irish beer), the idea was born to transform the march into a running event.

Already the first edition of the Achensee Run exceeded our expectations, and during the following years the number of participants was constantly increasing. The growing popularity led to the foundation of the Achensee running team to get the Achensee population interested in running and to tackle the enormous organizational effort. Many helpers are needed to plan and organize the Achensee run with its selective routes.
The safety of the very demanding course is our highest priority. We are happy to state that thanks to the excellent work of all emergency services no serious accidents have occurred in the past 20 years.

As mayor and chairman of the running team Achensee I would like to thank all helpers for the last 20 years. Special thanks go to the members of the organizing committee and the many helpers for their annual commitment and the high organisational quality. We would also like to thank all our sponsors and especially the Achensee Tourist Board for their many years of support.

Finally, I would like to invite all running enthusiasts from near and far to take part in the anniversary race.

For the community Eben am Achensee and the running team Achensee
Mayor and Chairman
Josef Hausberger