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Laufteam Achensee
Contact: 0660/ 7686101 (Günther Englmaier) or
Organising team contact: 0650/3315541 (Heike Hausberger) or


Saturday, 2 September 2017:
16.30: Achensee Children’s Run (0.4 – 2.5km)
17.30: Achensee Fitness Run (10km)
Followed by prize-giving ceremonies

Sunday, 3 September 2017:
10.00: Achenseelauf (23.2km)
10.00: Achensee Relay Race for 2 runners (14 + 9.2km)
Prize-giving ceremonies in the afternoon.

Competition conditions for 2017 to download (German)

Läufer Content

Disciplines & age groups

Achenseelauf 23.2km

  • M/F Juniors: 1998 and younger
  • M/F Main Group: 1988 – 1997
  • M/F 30: 1983 – 1987
  • M/F 35: 1978 – 1982
  • M/F 40: 1973- 1977
  • M/F 45: 1968 – 1972
  • M/F 50: 1963 – 1967
  • M/F 55: 1958 – 1962
  • M/F 60: 1953 – 1957
  • M/F 65: 1948 – 1952
  • M/F 70: 1947 and older

Achensee Relay Race 14 + 9.2km

  • M up to 85 Jahressumme
  • up to 75 Jahressumme
  • Mixed up to 80 Jahressumme
  • M from 86 Jahressumme
  • W from 76 Jahressumme
  • Mixed from 81 Jahressumme

Achensee-Fitnesslauf 10 km

  • M/F Youth: 2000 – 2001
  • M/F Juniors: 1998 – 1999
  • M/F Main Group: 1988 – 1997
  • M/F 30: 1978 – 1987
  • M/F 40: 1968 – 1977
  • M/F 50: 1958 – 1967
  • M/F 60: 1948– 1957
  • M/F 70: 1947 and older


Achensee Children’s Run 0.4 – 2.5km

  • W/M Youngsters: 2010 and younger approx. 0.4km
  • W/M Children I: 2008 – 2009 approx. 0.8km
  • W/M Children II: 2006 – 2007 approx. 1.6km
  • W/M School Children I: 2004 – 2005 approx. 2.5km
  • W/M School Children II: 2002 – 2003 approx. 2.5km

Declaration of liability (minimum age requirements)

Runners under 16 and 18 years of age require written permission from a parent/guardian. All runners aged 18 and over are free to participate in the event without written permission.

If you wish to give permission for your child to take part in the Achensee Fitness Run (10km), the Achenseelauf or the Achensee Relay Race, please print out the following form, complete it and send it to the organising team.

For those wishing to register on the day, please print it out, complete it and bring it with you to the registration desk

The organiser assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided.

Permission form 2017

Timing system

The timing system is run by PENTEK timing using a green chip.


For children’s runs the participants will receive orange chips (no fee) which must be returned immediately after the end of the race.

For the main run, participants who do not already have their own Champion Chip will receive a green chip together with their start number for a deposit of  €5.00. The timing system only reads yellow, orange and green chips. All chips of other colours cannot be read.

To prevent littering, please return the timing chip using the facilities provided in the start/finish area.


Further information

Final provisions

The run is organised according to the current regulations of the Austrian Athletics Federation. It has been approved by and is registered with the Federation. Runners are not permitted to leave the marked course and will be disqualified if they do so. The event will take place in all weather conditions. Start times may be subject to small adjustments.


Fairness is one of the most important aspects of the Achenseelauf. All runners who behave in an unsporting manner (taking short-cuts, disregarding official instructions, leaving the marked course) will be disqualified without exception by the race organisers. Runners who do not reach the refreshment station in Achenkirch by 12.00 will not receive an official time and will not appear in the official finsher list. They will also not be able to use services such as the refreshment stations. They are entitled to continue the run, however they do so at their own rish. No power-walking poles are allowed.

Course records

• Women: 01:27:44 Andrea Mayr (Austria) 2013
• Men: 01:15:05 Elisha Sawe (Kenya) 2005

Refreshment stations

1st station km 6 Station Buchau Water & isotonic
2nd station km 10 Station Schwarzenau Water, isotonic, fruit
3rd station km 14 Relay hand-over area Water, tea, Red Bull, fruit, cake
4th station km 16 Station Seewinkel Water, isotonic, Red Bull, fruit, bars
5th station km 18 Station Gaisalm Water, isotonic, Red Bull, fruit
6th station km 21 Station Bergwerk Water, isotonic, Red Bull
7th station km 23,2 Finish Water, isotonic, tea, fruit, ham rolls, cheese rolls, cake

For more information check out our interactive map


Help finding accommodation

Achensee Tourism Board
Im Rathaus 387 – 6215 Achensee
Tel.: +43/(0)5246/5300-0 – Fax: +43/(0)5246/5333

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