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The trails around Lake Achensee are a combination of tarmac, gravel and forest paths. These trails, combined with the majestic views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, make the Achenseelauf unique.

The relay race, fitness run and children’s run mean that there really is something for everyone.

Details about each course:
Achenseelauf – 23.2km
Achensee Relay Race – 14 + 9.2km
Achensee Fitness Run – 10km
Achensee Children’s Run – 0.4 – 2.5km

Läufer Content

Refreshment stations

km   6        1.       Station Buchau                                          (water & isotonic)
km 10        2.       Station Schwarzenau                                (water & isotonic, fruit)
km 14        3.       Station Achenkirch (relay hand-over)        (water, tea depending on weather, Red Bull, fruit, cakes & biscuits)
km 16        4.       Station Achenkirch Seewinkel                  (water, isotonic, Red Bull, fruit, bars)
km 18        5.       Station Gaisalm                                         (water, isotonic, Red Bull, fruit)
km 21        6.       Station Bergwerk                                       (water, isotonic, Red Bull)
km 23,2     7.       Station Ziel                                                 (water, isotonic, tea depending on weather, fruit, ham rolls & cheese rolls, cakes & biscuits)

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