Founded more than 15 years ago, the Achenseelauf is organised by the Laufteam Achensee and is members. The club’s impressive number of members (200, of which 75 are active runners) is proof of how popular running and outdoor sports are.

We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors which support the Achenseelauf, the most beautiful running event in Austria, every year and make. Without your help and the hard work of many volunteers this event would not be possible.

Interested in supporting the Achenseelauf?!?

Chairman: Josef Hausberger
Treasurer: Maria Lindner
Secretary: Katharina Paregger
Sport director: Günther Englmaier
Contact: +43 (660) 7686101 (Günther Englmaier) or
Organising team Achenseelauf
Contact: +43 (650) 3315541 (Heike Hausberger) or

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