Conditions of competition

I am aware that my participation involves a certain risk. I hereby confirm that the organiser of the event cannot be held liable for any injuries I may suffer. My participation in this sporting event is voluntary. I am in possession of a valid personal liability insurance policy and a personal accident insurance policy covering my participation. Should I cause damage to someone else or damage their property, I will accept responsibility for this and guarantee that the organiser Achensee Tourismus will not suffer any damage in this regard.

I will not make any claims against the organisers and sponsors or against the neighbouring communities or their representatives for damages and injuries of any kind that I might suffer as a result of my participation.

For my own safety and the safety of all other participants, I pledge to abide by the safety and conduct rules laid down by the organisers. I also acknowledge that there may be access restrictions on the day of the event, which I must comply with.

The use of sticks and headphones is forbidden without exception! On the 2nd section from Achenkirch (Gaisalmsteig) overtaking is prohibited without exception!

Dogs are not allowed.

I declare that I have trained sufficiently for participation in this competition, that I am physically healthy and that my state of health has been confirmed by a doctor. 

The emergency services of the Tyrolean Mountain Rescue will support the participants along the entire route and ensure that the event runs safely. I agree that the emergency personnel can take me out of the competition in case of unstable health conditions and I will follow their instructions.

If there are special Covid-19 measures in place at the time of the event (e.g. 2G, 2G+ or 3G) I acknowledge that I will only be able to take part in the event if I meet this requirement, and that otherwise I will be excluded from the event.

I agree that the data provided in my registration may be used for promotional purposes. I assure that my date of birth given is correct and that I will not pass on my race number to another person without the knowledge of the organiser. I am aware that I will be disqualified if I alter the official race number in any way, in particular if I make the advertising imprint invisible or unrecognisable.

I acknowledge that the organiser reserves the right to exclude me from the event in case of proven violation of the above obligations.

Note according to data protection law: Your data will be read by machine!

Photo consent 

Achensee Tourismus has the right to make audio recordings, video recordings and photographs during the event and to use these, as well as my name, pictures of me, my voice for any purpose (be it for merchandising, commercial, promotional material, editorial or otherwise) across all media for an unlimited period of time. 

Achensee Tourismus is entitled to use the recorded material for its own purposes, to broadcast, transmit, display, reproduce and/or make the material publicly accessible and available through any medium. The use of the material includes the media print and internet, but is not limited to these. 

Achensee Tourismus is entitled to modify the recorded material in any way and without restriction. This includes short-term interruption, cutting and other types of modification to and with the material. Furthermore, Achensee Tourismus is entitled to pass on the rights made available to you to third parties. Selection and use of any material does not require my consent.

I am also aware that I may not be named as a participant in the event. Should I nevertheless be named in connection with the event or appear on event material, I do not expect any financial benefit from this.